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Allwyn Sanger specialise in these Areas of Law


We are able to help on all aspects of matrimonial matters including divorce, co-habitation, Civil Partnerships, pre nuptials and children.


Naturally, following the end of a relationship both parents will want to ensure that their bond with their children continues. You will want to reassure them that they are still loved.

Wills & Probate

A will is a legal document expressly directing what should happen to your assets and who should benefit from them on your death.

It is important to have a Will no matter how big or small your estate is so that the correct people benefit, in default of which the Law will decide who will receive your net assets and tax at 40% may be payable when it could have been avoided.

Power of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are a far better alternative to having your financial affairs administered when you are no longer able to deal with these personally.

Employment Law

Employment Law services offered by Allwyn Sanger include:

  • Drafting and reviewing Contract of Employment
  • Representation in Employment Disputes
  • Compromise Agreements

Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation - we are able to assist in all aspects of civil disputes including negotiations and dispute resolution.

By empowering our clients to control the level of service - specifying what they want the solicitor to perform versus what they are comfortable tackling themselves our clients can get maximum value from their solicitor's time. We help you to budget for your legal costs in a controlled manner and avoid the often worrying distress of legal costs spiraling out of control.

By the time you consider involving solicitors whether it be relating to family difficulties, probate of a loved one or a civil disagreement you will naturally feel vulnerable and you will want to ensure that you employ someone that will protect your interest, listen to your needs, provide a flexible approach and obtain a settlement as quickly as possible.

We listen to your concerns and needs and provide an efficient service delivered in accordance with your wishes.

Our strength in referral business is exceptional due to the relationship we build with our clients and contacts.